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We are a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants with expertise in solving the problems centered around noise and vibration engineering. Our engineers adapt to the needs of our clients and formulate a step by step approach towards solving their problems within the committed time frame and cost budget without compromising on the excellence and quality of the work. We use state-of-the-art technology to assess, measure and analyze a given problem thereby helping our clients in improving the design and quality of their products while reducing the time and cost involved in the same.

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Adding value through innovation

A knowledge partnership with ENVICON benefits our clients by improving their productivity and quality while reducing both the time taken and the cost of their design, development, testing and validation processes. We not only provide safe and sustainable solutions to our customers but also mentor them in improving the overall standards of their processes. An association with us at an early stage will help us help you incorporate most efficient and cost effective design practices which surpass the industry standards. Envicon's talented team is headed by leaders with over 2 decades of experience.

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We take it as our responsibility to contribute to the industry, academia and the society through continuous training and education. To that end, we offer various training courses, at times customized to our clients’ needs, in the different topics covered under the umbrella of noise and vibration engineering.
The first of a series of training programs planned for 2015 was held from 8th to 10th July 2015. Details of programs offerred, course coverage etc. can be found here. Pictures from the pilot edition can be seen here.

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With vast experience in using Noise and Vibrations from products and components as a quality control tool, Envicon has gone one step ahead in using this techniques for end of the line testing.

Envicon has successfully developed Applications for automated testing of components and systems for selection/rejection based on their noise/vibration characteristics. These applications process the noise and vibration data acquired by the data acquisition systems during the performance testing of the products (after assembly) and accept/reject based on the result. Decision making is made by the application objectively without the need for subjective assessment.

Envicon undertakes turnkey projects (selection of Data acquisition System, Application development, integrating them in the performance test rig and proving) for customer specific application.

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