Noise and vibration signature of a product can also be used as an indicator of its quality. Products with defects often produce abnormal noise/vibration during their operation. Many a time the noisiness of the product is subjectively assessed to identify the defective one.

ENVICON VIBROTECH is offering solution for quality testing of automotive components in an objective way by taking away the subjective assessment. The process of identifying the NOISY components is made with measurement and analysis of Noise and/or vibrations.

ENVICON VIBROTECH has provided complete solutions for such requirement especially in automotive products/components. These solutions use noise and vibration of the components to segregate the defective ones from the produced lot.

Automated noise test system for alternators and starter motors

These test systems are based on measurement of NOISE from the test units. The system consists of NI Data Acquisition Hardware and customized software for data processing and display of results (OK or NOK). These systems can be retrofitted to the existing performance test rigs.

Many such systems, supplied by ENVICON VIBROTECH , are presently functional in production lines of BOSCH, which make auto electric parts. These systems have been deployed in the starter and alternator assembly lines.

Magnetic noise test system for Alternators

Magnetic noise from the alternator is a tonal noise from the alternators which appear at certain speed when the alternator is under load. These tonal noise level vary with speed and many time clearly audible in the drivers compartment. This magnetic noise at low speed is an indicator of product quality in terms of variation in air gap, rotor-stator alignment, and other manufacturing and assembly variation.

ENVICON VIBROTECH has designed, developed, and installed many such systems in the production line at BOSCH.

Noise data and speed data is captured when the alternator is coasting down under load condition. Order related to magnetic noise is computed form the acquired data and used for qualification of alternators. Limit levels for the magnetic noise is arrived after study of large samples of good and NOISY alternator or decided by the customer specifications.

Similar Systems were also proposed for components like motors of washing machine, Window lifting motor, wind screen wiper, transmission unit etc.

ENVICON will undertake study prior to suggesting such as system for any specific components to check the feasibility of using the Noise/vibration data and also the required measurements for segregating good and bad units.

System configuration will then be decided based on the required data, processing methods and also considering the automation requirement. If the existing test system requires a retrofit, this can also be considered. A technical proposal will be given based on the result of feasibility study.

For fault segregation study conducted on a set of alternators (both good and NOISY) to identify the parameter representing magnetic noise. An automated test system was developed to integrate the noise test system in to the performance test system.

Noise Data and alternator speed data are captured during run up/coast down of alternator and a particular order representing the magnetic noise is extracted by order tracking technique. Limit levels of magnetic noise is set based on the results obtained from large samples of components which are subjectively assessed as OK and NOK.

ENVICON VIBROTECH, a sister concern has supplied a complete test system for Noise acceptance testing of Alternators and Starter Motor for BOSCH ltd., Bengaluru. The entire system was designed and developed by ENVICON VIBROTECH and installed, commissioned and proved before handing it to the customer.

Similar system for Washing Motor Noise testing and starter motor noise testing for another Auto electric major is in the pipeline.

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