Education and Training

At Envicon, we believe in bringing overall professional development through continuous education and training. Our in-house industry experts who possess an experience of several years and a deep understanding and know-how in the vast field of acoustics, noise and vibration engineering have hand-crafted these programs especially to meet the requirements of the today’s industry and academia. Our training catalogue includes technical seminars, lectures, offline and web-based training courses.

Courses for Industry

Envicon conducts various training programs of levels starting from the beginner to advance on the different topics in noise and vibration engineering which attract engineers from a spectrum of industries. The training course sequences are designed in a manner to make it easier and more comprehensive for the participants to understand the basic concepts as well as the advanced technology used in the field of noise and vibration engineering and alongside learn the best practices followed by the industry.

All our training programs consist of an appropriate distribution of the classroom sessions and the practical demonstrations. While the classroom sessions emphasize more on the theory of the subject, case studies and demonstration sessions provide the participants with the necessary practical exposure of conducting the experiments hands-on and implementing the techniques and approaches learnt in the classroom.

We offer general training courses on the following topics to the professionals from industry. Click on the name of the course to know more details about the same.

In addition to our general training program, a number of in-house training programs have been conducted in the past to suit the requirements of the individual organizations. In such a case, we custom design the elementary courses on acoustics, noise and vibration engineering keeping in mind their needs and conduct the program in their facility.

If you have a requirement for the whole training sequence in either acoustics or vibration engineering or are planning to train your employees for a specific need, shoot us an email at and we will work with you to create a course that will suit your needs and surpass your expectations. Yes, we have what it takes to give you the best learning experience along with the comfort of doing so at your own facility.

Courses for Academia

Unfortunately so, but a number of second and third tier engineering schools in India, although offer a Masters’ program in subjects like machine design, solids and structural dynamics and other related topics, due to the lack of means, resources and internal faculty, they fail to provide the required training to their students in the niche topics of experimental noise and vibration engineering.

In order to solve this problem of reach and increase the number of opportunities for the students to learn experimental NVH, we at Envicon, created a training course to cater to the needs of graduate students. The course is not only a right mix of theory and practice but also follows the same structure as their college and/or university does. This makes it easier for the college authorities to incorporate our course in their regular semester curriculum. It also helps the students in strengthening the fundamentals with the help of regular home assignments and quizzes.

The contents we cover in the course are:

  • Basics of Vibrations
  • Vibration measurements
  • Instrumentation for vibration measurement
  • Digital signal processing
  • Analysis of rotating systems: diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Vibration isolation
  • Balancing of rotors
  • Condition monitoring
  • Structural dynamic analysis: experimental and operational modal analysis and ODS analysis
  • Nonlinear vibrations

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