About Us

Founded in 2005, Envicon is a specialist noise, vibration and acoustical engineering consultancy and solutions providing company. For a decade now, we have been servicing our clients across a range of industrial sectors to help improve their engineering efficiency and productivity by continually investing in, learning and evolving to address the upcoming and challenging problems they face in Noise and Vibration Engineering. By leveraging the state-of-the-art technology, our domain expertise and strong operational methodology we have risen as market-leading Noise and Vibration engineering solution provider in the country and we continually strive to achieve an ever increasing and satisfied customer base by committing to excellence in every task. We at Envicon believe in Education, Experience and Expertise as the three pillars of our success.


Envicon is backed by professionals with engineering qualifications from the top colleges of the country. This not only equips us with the best technical minds to apply to the challenging problems our clients are posed with but also ensures that our solutions best fit their needs and cost constraints.


The experience of solving a multitude of problems and working with different types of systems and clients from different industries and segments enhances our theoretical knowledge by giving the required practical exposure and adds to the management capabilities. This enables us to commit to the budgeted time frame and best-in-class customer service. Our team has an average experience of more than 5 years dealing with a diverse set of problems in the domain of noise and vibration engineering and working with both Indian and international clients.


At Envicon, we are proud to have a team of engineers adept in various niche fields such as reliability and maintenance, acoustical engineering, testing and validation, automotive NVH and design and development who our clients completely entrust the ownership of the project with.

Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to become a specialist, best-in-class and leading research consultancy working in the field of noise and vibration engineering by constantly adapting to the industry’s needs, evolving our subject knowledge, investing in state-of-the-art technology and resources and providing our clients with novel solutions best suited to their needs with utmost professionalism, integrity and quality.


Our vision is to make the machines quieter, safer, more reliable, more efficient and more comfortable by devising and implementing innovative, cost-effective and the best-quality solutions to the problems related to the noise and vibration engineering and by contributing to the industry through education and training on this subject.


It is through our commitment to the core values and fundamentals of Envicon that we have become the best at what we do and continue to do so. We believe in:

  • Uphold integrity in every action, and conduct business with clients with utmost professional ethics and honesty.
  • Hard work, inquisitiveness and desire to explore new horizons leading to innovation.
  • Thirst for knowledge, passion and dedication to improve one’s professional capabilities.
  • Working hand-in-hand with utmost professionalism with our clients to provide them best-suited solutions.
  • Team effort and integrity to consistently improve our processes and efficiency.
  • Building a work culture that nourishes employee pride, motivation, high moral and ethical values.


Envicon is proud of having worked with the clients from a range of industries and sectors starting from Automotive and Aerospace to Power and Energy and Healthcare and Pharmaceutical. Based out of Bangalore, we have served our customers panned out across the country and beyond and we take immense pleasure in listing out a few world-class organizations for whom we have become their preferred partner-of-choice for the noise and vibration engineering related needs.

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